Sheya Grace wind and Owl Grateful wind
Are a team of evolutionary love artists and nomadic pollinators, committed to growing and sharing new/ next culture ????

Sheyas primary offering is transformational heartistry. Bringing together all her years of initiation, decivilizing, and more trainings and tribes than can be named here.
She is a dancing freedom and breath-wave practitioner as well as a next culture trainer, Also a wild grandma. And a visionary artist. She loves being a weaver of village.
Currently her favorite activity is synergising and making up fresh language and practices for the new world.
Her supershero love powers include grace, creating, clarity, and possibility.

Owl is a nature wizard of harmony and deep heart.
He brings decades of experience in healing (Rolfing, yoga, Taoist and shamanic practice, bone whispering and human design)
He is passionately into authenticity, empowerment, and assisting the great mutation.
His superhero love powers are ease, high level fun, and service.
He can often be found playing shakuhachi in the forest or chess.


Dancing freedom is a free form, authentic movement practice. Integrating elemental waves of music and magic, we give body to our prayers.
The process is lightly facilitated, mainly self directed, a recipe for community coherence and human rewilding, welcoming to all.

Evo puja

Erotic play and love powers in purpose and service to evolution!
This space will be for deepening our feeling and being – with capacities, first session oriented towards resensitizing our sexual/ sensual shutdowns, shadow healing.
We will be weaving breathwave, primal play and intimacy as medicine practices.
Second session will move more into celebration and gifting to the spirit of sex, an alchemical space for regenerative erotic field creation.


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