Do you have to be Trans identified to come to Gender Camp?

No, all identities are welcome. That includes no identification. Everyone has a relationship to socialized gender constructs and their own personal identity. That being said, this camp is specifically aimed towards engaging with, exploring and supporting the nuances of being a gender diverse person in the world.

Are children allowed at gender camp?

In this first year we are asking participants be 18 and older. In future years we look forward to inviting families, and supporting a youth specific camp.  

I have a disability. Will camp be accessible for me?
The site will be accessible for most people with some types of disabilities, but may be challenging for others.  If you have questions about disability access, or have any special food, medical, or other needs, please get in touch with us to see if your needs can be accommodated.

“Safe Container”: We begin Gender Camp by co-creating a safe container. To establish a bond of trust, mutual respect, safety, and loving kindness, it is essential that all attendees be present by the start of activities the first day (which is after lunch). We welcome your arrival anytime after 9am on day 1. Register, get settled, then join us for lunch a 1:00 nPM, followed by the afternoon program, karma yoga check-in, and the start of Gender Camp!

Early Departure: To get the most impact we encourage you can stay from opening until closing. If you can’t stay for the entire time, Gender Camp can still be a powerfully transformational experience. We understand if you need to leave early, and appreciate the time that you shared with us.

Community Service: Everyone contributes approximately 8-10 hours throughout week to help with the work of putting on camp. More information about Karma Yoga tasks and how to sign up will be sent by email to all campers in the weeks before camp starts. Performing Karma Yoga offers the opportunity to bond more deeply with each other as we share in the joy of co-creating community and making camp happen.

We provide: Lodging, healthy vegetarian and vegan meals, showers, 6 days of exciting programs, guest speakers, experiential workshops and activities, and a snack kitchen for preparing your personal snacks and meal supplements. 

Where do we sleep: 

Most people camp in their own tents.  There are many beautiful, flat campsites on the land, some right next to the stream.  We also have indoor dorm-style spaces available for an extra charge. These include a lodge house and several rustic cabins, furnished with twin-size upper and lower bunk beds, full-size futon beds, and queen-sized beds.  The cabins also have small lofts that each contain two twin mattresses side-by-side.

If you would like to reserve indoor space, you can do so during the registration process.   The Registration page has pricing and other details.

There is a motel that is 3 miles west of the Summer Camp site, less than a 5 minute drive.  All rooms have refrigerator, microwave, and private bath; most rooms have two queen beds.

Weather: The site is in an area that has an average daytime high temperature of 80 degrees and an average nightly low of 55 degrees; lows in the 40’s are not unheard of.  The record high ever was 92, so we don’t expect long stretches of uncomfortably warm weather.  In this region, on average it rains about every third or fourth day. See here for a guideline

Essential Items:

For tent campers: tent, sleeping bag, and pad/air mattress

For campers staying in rustic cabins w/electric: blankets, sheets, pillows, pillowcases, towels.

For campers staying in non-electric rustic cabins: lanterns, blankets, sheets, pillows, pillowcases, towels.

For lodge and cottage residents: linens are provided.

For everyone:
Flashlights, extra blankets for cool nights, towels, easy-to-carry water bottle, toiletries, biodegradable soap, shampoo, and conditioner, safe sex supplies, poison ivy remedy, biodegradable insect repellent, rain gear, unscented sunscreen, sunglasses, hat for sun protection, water shoes for stream walking, a watch or other timepiece, earplugs

Summer clothes or sarongs for hot days, warm clothes for possible cool weather

Personal backjack or chair.

Personal snacks or food items to prepare for yourself in the Personal Foods Kitchen if you have special food needs.

Your sense of humor and willingness to co-create an incredible experience.

Optional Items: Acoustic musical instruments, face paints, your favorite dance music, fun and outrageous clothing or costumes for festive dance parties, a personal journal and pens/pencils, books to share in our lending library, flyers about related events.

Participatory Music: All music-making is encouraged & greatly appreciated. Bring your, music, instruments, voices, and talents. Be the live music & let’s celebrate you!

Leave at Home: Alcohol or recreational drugs, valuables of any sort, non-biodegradable soap, shampoo, or conditioner, scented products or perfumes, pets of any size, weapons. Some campers are allergic to scents so please do not wear any scented products at camp, including essential oils or other “natural” scented products.

Is there a phone and Internet at Camp?: 

Yes, though we suggest that you spend as little time as possible on the phone or internet, in order to be present with the community-building, learning opportunities, and personal connections at camp. Most cell phones do not work at our site, though they do work about a mile up the road. We will have some landline availability onsite, with free US long distance. WiFi Internet will be available in the environs of the lodge.

We will have an indoor hospitality area at the Mountaineer Motel (3 miles west of the Summer Camp site; 5 minute drive) that will have phone lines that can be used for longer calls, with free long distance in the US.  There is also WiFi Internet.  Cell reception is also better there; US Cellular is the main carrier, but Sprint and Verizon roam onto US Cellular.  Some other services may also be able to roam onto US Cellular.

Can I smoke, light fires, or use candles at camp?
We ask you not to use candles and any other open flames in your tent or cabin.  You may build campfires in the fire pits; please pay the site $5 per 2 buckets of firewood, and be sure that any fire is extinguished before you leave it or go to sleep.  There are dedicated smoking areas at camp; please do not smoke in or near any of the other public spaces at camp.