Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi MSW is the matrix of Living Love Revolution; an EcoSexual Activist, a Priestess of Aphrodite, a holistic spiritual healer and an EcoMagicks practitioner.

As an EcoMagick practitioner, she translates the teaching she receives from mycelium (mushrooms), bees and stardust into useable social skills for human beings, leading collaborative workshops that honor the innate connections between human beings and the living Earth.

Her EcoSexual activism is based in the Cascadia bioregion and includes creating & organizing the yearly Surrender: The EcoSex Convergence, holding monthly EcoSex salons and Happenings and tending her many gardens of beloveds.

A Priestess of Aphrodite with over 30 years of training in Reclaiming Witchcraft, Ceremonial Magick, Tibetan Buddhism in the lineage of ChogyamTrungpa Rinpoche, and the Tantric lineage of Swami Rama, she teaches Living Love Revolution Aphrodite Temples quarterly in the Pacific Northwest.

Living Love Revolution is her life work and spiritual calling and a community building, experience based system of healing that focuses on expansion, liberation and sovereignty.

Reverend Ciacchi is delighted to be attending the first GenderCamp NW! She can be heard regularly on: and keep up with her here at:


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